Eight simple tips for improving a law firm blog

Most lawyers are aware of how much the internet has changed the way legal services are marketed. No longer can attorneys rely exclusively on in-person networking alone. Blogging is now widely regarded as an effective way to support law firm business development goals, demonstrating expertise while addressing cutting edge issues that attract potential clients.

Publishing high-quality content for your ideal clients and referral sources is the widely acknowledged bedrock of any legal marketing initiative — as firms utilizing B2B blogging receive 67% more leads than those that don’t.

Most law firms, however, are too busy with client work to build a successful law blog. As a result, they miss the opportunities for new client development that a blog affords.

For those firms that do take the initiative to build and develop a good law blog, however, it’s advisable to emulate what has been shown to work for other legal bloggers, including:

  1. Ensuring blogpost titles are brief and attractive to readers and search engines.
  2. Organizing posts in readily digestible sections.
  3. Reducing unnecessary legal jargon.
  4. Make blogposts of unique relevance to client business objectives.
  5. Including a call to action in each blogpost (e.g., inviting readers to contact you).
  6. Include lead magnets like studies or white papers.
  7. Build social media profiles to help promote your blog and content.
  8. Work with a professional writer, editor and legal blogger, to help manage your publishing calendar, improve your blogposts, manage your blog and social media channels, and build a blog following.

When well-produced and regularly updated, a law blog can help your firm become more widely recognized as experts, drive more potential clients to your practice, and lead ultimately, to more new clients.  It is, therefore, worth the time and effort necessary to make it a success. If your firm does need help maintaining a consistent blogging initiative, consider retaining a professional with experience in doing so.

If you would like to discuss adopting legal blogging or improving your existing law blog, please use the contact form.

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