A blog can help a global law firm localize marketing

A recent article by Janice Tan in Marketing Interactive highlights how headquarter-led marketing initiatives of global organizations (including law firms) can often be misaligned with local marketing teams.

In that article, Tan explains how local marketers increasingly want to be more influential in strategic marketing initiatives (e.g., brand building and sales enablement), which are typically the province of headquarters staff.

She details how regional marketing professionals can align global strategic priorities with local market realities while communicating in local sentiments and nuances.

Localized marketing benefits business growth

Tan cited a YouGov survey of 521 Singapore-based marketing leaders with overseas headquarters which revealed that 50% of local marketers see educational initiatives focused on localized markets as the best avenue to propelling business growth.

Ninety-seven percent of marketers in the survey said they’d had success with online/digital communications. Initiatives of this kind often utilize white papers, events, workshops, and articles – and communicate/amplify these efforts via social media – which is seen by marketers surveyed as an effective communication tool for local audiences.

This sort of social media driven content initiative is therefore a good fit for global firms with a need to customize local approaches to marketing.

A blog is ideal for localization initiatives

A law blog that is a window into a local market is a good way to organize a local legal marketing initiative. A law firm blog will help generate more traffic and more interest from potential clients by demonstrating market leadership as a local thought leader and go-to resource – while also establishing the firms expertise. Notably, 56% of business owners have specifically used blogs to position themselves as thought leaders in their markets.

The unique local knowledge of firm members can also provide potential clients and referral sources with useful insights headquarters cannot. Global law firm Norton Rose Fulbright maintains the Inside Turkey blog – a good example some of the things that are possible for any global firm.

Given the above, global law firms should at least consider diversifying their digital marketing initiatives by launching a localized law blog to uniquely distinguish themselves in what are often highly competitive local legal markets.

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