Why companies expanding into the US market should seek government contracts

Foreign companies entering the US market should consider selling to the US federal government to diversify and expand their market share. As you may know, the US federal government is the world’s single largest purchaser of goods and services – responsible for more than $630 billion in 2021 alone.

Important to know is the US Government purchases a wide range of goods and services, and most government agencies welcome bids from any firm that is qualified to compete – whether or not that firm is based in the US or overseas.

Notably, US Government contracting is not only a good opportunity for large corporations, but also small and medium-sized businesses.

But in order to successfully identify and bid on opportunities – companies need guidance in navigating the often-complex US government procurement marketplace. Here, companies can receive guidance on who their potential US Government customers are and which products and services they might offer to meet the needs of those customers.

I’ve helped many foreign companies (from publicly traded corporations to technology startups) find advisors to help them navigate the US Government contracting environment. For more information about how your company might secure US federal government contracts as part of your US market entry strategy – please complete the contact form.

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