Blogging can help startups raise venture funding

A more challenging environment for startup funding

The ability for startups to raise money from venture capital funds has become more challenging, as Ivan Maryasin, Co-Founder and CEO at Monite, explained recently in Forbes magazine. Among the things venture funds are paying more attention to is the ability for startups to quickly generate revenue and reach profitability — while keeping overhead low.

Part of the reason for this increased challenge to raising funds – is a new competitive intensity between startups focused on the same niche – combined with a trend for venture funds to be more cautious in deploying capital. In this environment, as Maryasin explains, there is a heightened need for startups to articulate a compelling reason for funds to invest.

Blogging can help startups raise capital

Blogs can play a role in helping startups raise funds in this more challenging environment by helping them become more easily found online by venture funds, clearly articulating their story and vision, while building key relationships with industry media and customers. Together, these initiatives serve to build the trust and confidence of investors.

Felix Rose-Collins, writing in Ranktracker – explains how 70% of people prefer learning about a company through their website – versus through traditional advertising (and blogs drive more traffic to websites). Notably, 54% of the Fortune 500 use blogs to promote their products and services – helping them generate 67% more customer enquiries than those that don’t blog. And importantly for startups – blogging costs almost 62% less than other types of marketing.

Blogging not only helps startups raise funds — it also helps them generate more revenue, reach new customers, build greater market awareness, and connect with industry journalists and influencers. In sum, blogging for startups is critical to success.

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