Consistency essential to the success of law firm blogs

Law firms can build more awareness of their firms, practice specialisms and specialist attorneys by maintaining a consistent updated blog. And that increased awareness is likely to result in more potential client inquiries and more new client engagements.

Blogs help law firms generate more clients

As the blog of legal technology company Clio has detailed (citing an American Bar Association study), 60% of law firms with more than 100 lawyers maintain blogs – and 37% of all law firms do. Notably, 34% of firms with blogs report that they have been signed by new clients because of their blogging. Clio also cites Kevin O’Keefe, CEO of LexBlog, who explains that blogs build law firm authority and reputation. But to stand out among a sea of blogs, he advises firms to focus their blogging on specific legal niches. Importantly, he also explains that firms should not use their blog as a megaphone to shout the merits of their firm. Instead, law blogs should provide useful information that is enjoyable to read.

Law firms often face challenges when trying to blog consistently

One crucial element of successful blogging, according to the Clio blogpost, is consistency. In my experience of helping law firms establish and maintain law blogs — consistency is the greatest challenge law firms face in maintaining a blog. I’ve seen many law firm blogs that are not updated regularly.  And the branded social media profiles firms use to amplify their blog content are also on too many occasions inactive or abandoned. This is a huge error by law firms — and one which can be corrected by working with a professional writer, editor and blogger with solid experience in legal services blogging, social media, and business development.

What law firms lose when they don’t regularly update their blogs

Looking more closely at what law firms lose by not blogging consistently – (something AIContentfy has blogged about) is instructive: The trust they have built with their readers, the expanded brand awareness that a blog delivers, the increased ability to be found in internet search results, the additional readers attracted by regular content, and the relevance of the firm as a thought leader with the general counsel, other law firms, and legal media.  These are major losses which can and should be avoided by firms with a serious interest in generating new business.

Law firms are understandably challenged for time in efforts to maintain a blog consistently. Law firms should therefore seriously consider working with a professional legal services sector-focused writer and blogger to help them achieve those goals.

For more information about how your firm can work with me to help you maintain a consistently updated law blog, please contact me.

Author: John Grimley

John Grimley specializes in providing writing, editing and business English communications services to professionals in law, governmental relations, and management consulting, and globalizing companies and startups.

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