Niche legal blogging opportunity in new US policy on foreign investment

A recent development in US policy related to outbound foreign investment is a subject ideal for specialist lawyers to blog about. As I have detailed previously, blogging about niche subjects is regarded by experts as important to lawyers who wish to become thought leaders in their area of legal specialty.

This new development is a recent Biden administration decision to release an executive order establishing an outbound investment screening mechanism.  The executive order and its implications were recently detailed by Emily Benson and Margot Putnam of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, D.C.

A March 2023 joint statement from US President Biden and European Union Commission President Ursula von der Leyen reflects the concerns inspiring the new US executive order. In that statement, Biden and von der Leyen stated they “have a common interest in preventing our companies’ capital, expertise, and knowledge from fueling technological advances that will enhance the military and intelligence capabilities of our strategic rivals, including through outbound investment.”

This executive order has generated concerns over how US private sector entities will be impacted over the definition of the term investment, how screening mechanisms will operate, and how compliance will be conducted.  

As US foreign investment is enormous and impacts numerous foreign jurisdictions, this new policy and its various mechanisms provide much for the private sector to be concerned about – and therefore is an ideal subject for law firms that assist US foreign investors. Blogging topics related to this subject could involve a variety of practice specialisms and industry sector practice groups.  It therefore provides several potential client development opportunities.  

This is an excellent example of where lawyers who focus on niche blogging areas can distinguish themselves among their competitors. Lawyers in any practice specialism can do this sort of analysis of the news to determine what topical issues are most relevant to clients and where their practice niche can be of help – with an aim to creating content to address the needs of those potential clients.

If you would like to discuss how I might help you establish or maintain a niche legal blogging initiative, please contact me.  

Author: John Grimley

John Grimley specializes in providing writing, editing and business English communications services to professionals in law, governmental relations, and management consulting, and globalizing companies and startups.

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