Writing & Editing

Based on a more than 30-year career providing writing & editing services, I provide clients with comprehensive writing & editing services of topical articles and blogposts, media relations materials including press releases, website content, books and e-books, semi-scholarly studies, legal and regulatory articles, and public relations materials.

Business English

Based on a more than 30 year career in international business and government service, I provide comprehensive consulting services in business English communications to business executives throughout the world.

Media Relations

Based on extensive experience conducting media relations on behalf of senior politicians, corporate C-Suite executives, startups and international companies, I help clients cultivate and maintain productive relationships with traditional and alternative media.

Blogging and Social Media

Based on extensive experience as a blogger I help clients establish and maintaining blogging initiatives that produce regularly publishable content of unique relevance to key audiences including clients, referral sources, and traditional and alternative media.  I also help clients build active social media presences which result in increased engagement with their blog content, thereby increasing their brand awareness and inbound leads.

Business Development Research & Communications

Based on extensive experience in international professional services business development, I help clients create strategies for effective integration of publishing and business development activities which result on more actionable new potential client leads.