PEO Services blogs need thought leadership, not just SEO

A professional employer organization (PEO) provides outsourced, cost-efficient business management services primarily to small & medium (SME) companies — including payroll, accounting, tax, recruitment, talent search, and compliance.

Globally, the PEO services industry is growing due to the increasing need for cost-efficient management services by internationalizing SMEs. In 2022, the PEO services market was valued at 62 billion USD. It is projected to reach a value of 158 billion USD by 2031.

Blogging often used for PEO services marketing

Due to the often-international nature of its clientele, many PEO services companies (aware of the results content marketing produces for B2B services providers) utilize blogging to generate interest from potential clients.  These blogging initiatives rely on the publication of topical articles discussing how globalizing companies might be helped by outsourcing their critical business functions and the analysis of PEO industry trends.

Thought leadership and SEO essential to good blogging

There are two core elements associated with good blogging: search engine optimization (SEO) and thought leadership.  SEO relies on the production of good results from online searches.  And thought leadership involves gaining market awareness from quality blog content about leading industry trends and client concerns. While thought leadership can be conducted without SEO, successful SEO requires thought leadership – as publishing high quality content is the most important factor in today’s Google search engine algorithm.

Ensure thought leadership is equally balanced with SEO

In my observation of many PEO services blogs, I have noticed that SEO tends to often be prioritized over thought leadership.  Therefore, I recommend PEO services companies utilize the services of a writer capable of producing superior PEO services thought leadership to ensure their content marketing initiative maintains a healthy balance between SEO and thought leadership.

For example, good PEO services blogs will include thought leadership such as industry leader interviews, Q&A or journalistic style posts about how PEO can help companies reduce costs and improve efficiencies, and lower staff turnover. High quality thought leadership like this helps distinguish PEO services companies from their competitors, builds more brand awareness and generates more client leads, while expanding exposure among key industry journalists and networking organizations.

In sum, mediocre content in a climate where many PEO services companies are competing for business is insufficient to achieve a high degree of recognition by clients and high search engines results. It is, therefore, vital to produce high quality thought leadership as a cornerstone of your PEO services content marketing efforts.

I provide PEO services companies with writing, editing and blogging services including the production of thought leadership and SEO-friendly content.  For more information, please contact me.