Below is a representative sample of testimonials from my clients:

“John is a great Pro. He helped me in the most important speech of my career.” CEO of a venture capital fund, Italy.

“John quickly and effortlessly grabbed our client’s corporate culture and delivered flawless content in record time. John has been instrumental in the development of our blogging strategy with convincing and knowledgeable articles.” Independent content marketing strategist, Dubai

“John is a very dedicated and talented individual that has delivered on his promises and has demonstrated an unusual knowledge in the trade for which I hired him. As a result, we are now seeing results we had not expected to happen so soon. I must admit I am delighted with our business relationship.” Managing Partner, boutique corporate law firm, Mexico.

“John is a very dedicated and trustworthy professional. He does take his clients very seriously regardless of their size. He is always accessible and happy to offer any help his clients may need any time.” Managing partner, corporate law firm, Maldives

“John is a skilled author; he understands the legal sector and can present relevant and current information in an engaging way. ” Head of business development and marketing, international law firm, United Kingdom

“John worked through my company on an engagement with an Am Law 100 firm. He did an excellent job and received great reviews. I would absolutely work with him again and recommend his services enthusiastically.” Senior legal recruiter, United States

“John has greatly promoted our brand and helped strengthen and solidify our reputation as knowledge matter experts within the regional legal recruitment markets that we serve. ” President, legal recruitment firm, Japan

“John has…helped me develop substantial business relationships in various countries which will assist my practice in growing exponentially.” Of Counsel, AMLaw 100 Law Firm, Energy Lawyer, United States.

“John helped our firm establish a law blog focused on the firm’s ideal client base in international markets. I strongly recommend him to any law firm seeking growth in international markets. ” Partner, corporate law firm, Vietnam

“John…has an excellent ability to connect people and he understands the differences between how business is done in each country and within each industry sector. I strongly recommend his work.” Senior Partner, boutique corporate law firm, Brazil.

“John was a wonderful author to work with and I would highly recommend him for both his knowledge of the legal market and his writing skills. ” Legal publishing executive, United Kingdom.

“John is a key business partner for lawyers developing international activities. Since I’ve worked with him, I can clearly offer a better service to my clients.” Partner, boutique corporate law firm, France

“John’s…knowledge and appreciations on this fast-pace global world are priceless.” Corporate law firm attorney, Mexico.

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